The field of high-End vision covers numerous applications with stringent demands. These can be found in many sectors and domains, but all have one thing in common: striking specifications. Some of them are represented by very high numbers. In other cases, they can be extremely low. As it turns out, CoaXPress is a communication standard that feels right at ease on both sides of the spectrum

High-End Vision: Overview

Ask ten people to define the field of high-end vision, and you’ll get ten different answers. However, all of these replies however share a common denominator. High-end can stand for extremely fast. High-speed machine vision cameras, for instance, operate in the range of 540 frames per second, full frame. Applications can be anything from high-speed line scanning, process analysis, material testing or R&D. High-end can also mean a very high resolution. When entering the realm of ‘ultra-high’ resolutions for aerial photography with drones, numbers above 50 megapixels are no exception. In most of these drone cases, you certainly won’t find a CoaXPress cable dangling from the skies. Although length-wise, this wouldn’t be a problem. Some would call that high-end as well.

CoaxPress for High-end Vision

High-End Vision Trends: More Data

One trend that undoubtedly raises the requirement bar is the amount of gathered and processed data. Without fail, we find higher resolutions and higher framerates every time we search our vision supplier product catalogues. Examples of new applications resulting from being able to work with larger datasets are 3D-robotvision and hyperspectral imaging. In both cases, a more precise representation of reality is generated faster and larger amounts of data are transported and processed through cables and processors to leverage any new insights offered. This trend, which also fuels the development of high-end communication standards like CoaXPress, is undeniable and ongoing.

High-End Vision: Specs-DrivenNot Cost-Driven

A big selling point of CoaXPress is price point. In comparison with other communication standards, CoaXPress is cost-effective thanks to its ease of installation and relatively cheap components. Cheap obviously does not mean unsuitable for high-end applications. On the contrary. The high data rates (12.5 Gb/s in 2017), clear roadmap, high pixel integrity due robust shielding and high obtainable cable lengths, make it a versatile solution for any high-end application. Whether it concerns high-end R&D, high-speed machine vision, smart traffic systems, hyperspectral imaging or 3D-robotvision: all benefit from a proven point to point technology that has helped many users achieve their highest goals.