CoaXPress standardization

CoaxPress standard version 1.0

After the initial CoaXPress standardization efforts, the Japan Industry Imaging Association (JIIA) adopted CoaXPress as an official industry standard in 2010. The JIIA is a Japan-based organization fostering technological innovation of industrial imaging, promoting a global community for organizations related to industrial imaging, thereby contributing to development of industrial imaging worldwide.

Japanese industrial imaging companies, covering a wide range of categories, such as industrial cameras, input devices, image processors, image processing software, optical instruments, lighting equipment, measurement and analysis machinery have a large share of the global market. Their technologies’ position is high and important in the global market and thus JIIA is looked upon to act as a leading developer of industrial imaging technology. A copy of the CoaXPress 1.0 specification can be downloaded via the link in the resource center.

JIIA CoaXPress standardization

CoaXPress Standard version 1.1

CoaXPress v1.1 adds support for CXP-multi-connectors and CXP-multi-cables based on the DIN 1.0/2.3 connector. It also allows for a high speed up connection to allow very fast data transfer and triggers to a Device. These additions are part of the roadmap which allows CoaXPress to remain at the leading edge of performance. A copy of the CoaXPress 1.1 specification can be downloaded via the link in the resource center.

Release CoaXPress Standard version 1.1.1

CoaXPress Working Group released “CoaXPress Standard ver1.1.1” Revised on Dec 29,2015. This version has a limited number of changes to clarify some points in the v1.1 specification. The main clarifications are: The Discovery section details, Pixel format naming and The Bootstrap registers that should be listed in the XML file are now indicated.

CoaXPress product certification

To register a product as a compliant CoaXPress product and use the CoaXPress distinctive registered trade mark logo, a registration procedure has to be taken. After completing the procedure, the applicant will be licensed to use the logo. The product which passed every required tests is posted on the list of the CoaXPress compliant products. Please refer to the JIIA CXPR003 concerning the detailed regulations.

G3 Future Standards Forum – Worldwide cooperation

Because developing standards is very time-consuming and many competing standards is contra productive, Cooperation was sought on the field of standards development with other Machine Vision associations. As a result, the EMVA (Europe), AIA (North America) and JIIA (Japan) entered into a cooperation agreement on standards called the “G3” in 2009. Two other associations joined “G3”: VDMA (Germany) in 2014 and CMVU (China) in 2015. Through this cooperation in G3, members have access to the working groups of standards that are hosted by G3 associations.